Electrotechnisch Engineers

Plaats in de organization
Have trespasft projecten section.

Have purpose of de Functie
Samen with JE directe collega Electrotechnisch engineer, two Werktuigbouwkundig engineers and two projectleiders Draag JE zorg pre have designs of Nieuwe and have ID and of existing Electrotechnische installation, zodanig that deze complies with de stated Eisen and safety ancestors.

De taken
Je onderzoekt de mofiled bij de Opzet from E and I componenten t.b.v. de sturing, Conton and Guarding de Projecten, and got out of e.e.a., zodanig that Ze bindhas fixing budget mucment. I saw the kader of the Projectplan and the salutically of Kosten alsmode safety Preschriften in the art, which was the last of the. Je stelt preschriften, instructies and interviewer's, je support t de Fysieke realisatie of de-worked projecten on Electronisch area, je-eft and instructies to de projectmonteur electro and je advidzaks de application of Technische development and in existing and Nieuwe installation.

Has profile
Je hebt one rounded training HTS Electro. Bij Preferred experience in tab-filed work. Je beschict over one great degree of zelfstandigheid and JE Bent experiential with diverse infographics. Mastery of de German and English language is one must. Tevens Ben JE In has bezit of one rijbepenjs. Je hebt in front has emulsifying and Draeight zorg before one good performance, je Bent competent in has ven from (Vaktechnische) Aanwijzigingen, Instructies and has overdragen of knowledge and inziting. Je Bent Sociaal and communicatief savvy and capable of uphill and other engagement, and Communiceren, hen-Informeren and eventuele problem-related men.

Our offer
One casual, open and collegiate working atmosphere.
One bij de functie passend marktconform salary and labour forward package.


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