Electrotechnisch Engineers

Place in the company
It concerns the projects Department.

The purpose of the function
Together with your direct colleague Electrotechnisch engineer, two mechanical engineers and two project managers, you take care of designing new and adapting existing electrical installations in such a way that they meet the Requirements and safety requirements.

The Tasks
You examine the possibilities in the design of E and I components for the control, monitoring and monitoring of the projects and the development of depends, such that they fall within the defined budget. You are working on the solutions you have chosen, so that the installations can be built within the framework of the project plan and the costs and the cost of safety. You set up regulations, instructions and maintenance schedules, you support the physical realization of the finished projects in the electronic field, you give technical changes and instructions to the project mechanic Electro and you advise on The application of technical developments in existing and new installations.

The profile
You have a completed training HTS Electro. Preferably experience in similar work. You have a great degree of autonomy and you are experienced with various computer programs. Mastery of the German and English language is a must. You are also in possession of a driving licence. You have an eye for the process and take care of proper execution, you are proficient in giving (technical) changes, instructions and transferring knowledge and insights. You are socially and communicative and able to communicate with clients and other stakeholders, to inform them and to discuss any problems.

Our offer
An informal, open and collegial working atmosphere.
An appropriate market in accordance with salary and terms of employment package.


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