Lifting Beam

Rigging Designer is a manufacturer of hoisting tools, such as a Lifting Beam. A lifting beam can have different purposes. Round tubes or large containers? With a lifting beam and Associated Cabling These materials are easier to lift.

Next to the Distribution of the Load Over several points, lifting yokes still have some advantages. The Chance of bending or nodding is significantly Reduced. Lifting yokes also provide advantages in case of lack of space, especially because the spread angle is not too large can in some cases Considerable space savings.

All our products come with the right certificates. In addition, our EKH inspectors carry out inspections and tests according to the prescriptions and therefore our lifting yokes always meet the legal requirements.

Our products

Within the section you will find a complete assortment of lifting yokes. It concerns here among other things our swivelling hoists, cylinder walls hoisting yokes, hoists with magnets, 120 tons of hoists, lifting yokes with grabs, spin hoisting yokes, Windmill industry hoists, forklift hoists and 250 tons of lifting yokes.

Looking for a specific lifting beam? Take Contact With us. We will fully inform you of all the important developments about our lifting equipment.

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