Hoisting tools

You will find with us a wide program standard Hoisting tools with EKH inspection. If you have very specific wishes and requirements, we will fill them in to Measure. We also ensure that your hoisting and lifting equipment remain in top Condition.

With our Fixed and mobile test benches Are you sure of continuity and Security. We offer 24/7 maintenance, testing, repair, and certification services.

We have four fixed and two mobile test benches (30 to 150 tonnes), calibrated measuring equipment and certified service Specialists.

Our products

Within our section Hoisting tools You will find a complete assortment of lifting equipment. This includes our short hooks, safety hooks, measuring cells, dumb forces, lashing tyres, steel cables, slings, round slings, lifting magnets, running cats, chain work, clamps or leading links.

Looking for specific lifting tools? Take Contact With us. We will fully inform you of all the important developments about our lifting equipment.

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