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E.g. A. Respecteert de privacy of all users of her site and draeight er zorg in front of the same information, the U is the Verschaft confiid of the same. All informations the your input on de website of e.g. Lsma Hijs and Lifting, E.G. word, alone internally using and Decast with Derden. Have purpose of Deze website is verschaffen of Information. Personal data of the bezoekularly Worden alone geregistreerd and use if:

You our one mail Stuurt

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Your contact with our recording EMT via has contactforms

U Zich inschrijft before Onze digital nieuwsbrief.

You have been to the same to Onze site automatisch yourusername (tijdelijke) IP address and Eveny website where you are from. In Kader van Fraudepreventie and safeguarding worden deze data (cookies). One cookie is one small resistant that Nauseuw computer sent Urd wordt bij yourusername Bezoek to one website. Door of de cookies zorgen wij er also suggest that you repeat bij one at the same to Onze website still dezelfde informasation or need to import and. A bit of this example, automatisch has been to the end, provided it is applicable. After the passage of Tijd Komen deze data automatisch (or manually).
Wij data has to Analyseren de navigation stream of onze bezoekers, to apply one-to-do-a-tender user experience on Deze way. It can have content that is inter alia de most bezochte pag's worden, evenals have number of completed contactdrafts and gelijksoortige data.
Wij maken uses session cookies, the Automatisch verwijderd worden at moment you quit YourUserName browser. There is a use of one unique ID cookie, where door wij art-recognition or your one unique or returning bezoeker bent.
Your kunt most browsers zo settings and that cookies have been declined or that you are alert to your cookies when you are in-the-order. Under ' Help ' in the toolbar of de most browsers, Vindt u instructies to the passid, and the use of "Cooe"). Also kunt u Zich via has plate sen from cookies door Google and her derden.
All Cookies worden Gable due to a particular service or elementen of De website, and in-the-market. Eveneens has been in front of us, in order to learn eventuele problem-making on De website (to-user experience) and to play an actief here.
The domain name of de site server the de cookies are
On de website Worden General Bezoekgegevens, Gehouden, zoals de most requested Pagas and de quantity bezoeken. E.g. Lsma hyjs and lifting, E.G. Can be the improvement of her services. If you still have gluttgen over de Privacy Policy, then kunt your contact with our recording men.

E.g. Lsma Hijs and lifting Techniek B.V. Verworkt personal data and other data in the public vote with de-gelted Dutch wetings. In this Privacy Statement, all information is about fixing this.

This Privacy Statement applies to de processing of data and is from one bezoek to and use of De website of Clsma Hijs and lifting, E.G. ( and de door contacid, and nieuwsbriefabonnees verstrekte person filing information.

College Bescherming Personal Data 

E.g. Lsma Hijs and lifting Techniek B.V. verwort personal data in Aene ballot with de Dutch law and regelted on has been commanded by de bescherming of personal data. Personal data and De Wet-

Processing of personal data e.g. Lsma HYJS-and lifting Techniek B.V. treatt personal Data Confiwelijk and zorgused.  E.g. Lsma Hijs and lifting Techniek B.V. Verstrekt No personal data to derden. e.g. Elihsma Hijs-and lifting I B.V.. Verzamelt personal Data via has some recording men of contact on de website, abonneren on de Nieuwsbrief and bij have one bezoek to e.g. Lsma Hijs and lifting Techniek B.V. Evenementen and Overabactiviteiten.
Deze Personal Data worden Verworkt in the to-eve of the de administration of e.g., and lifting Techniek B.V. and worden on Derden Verstrekt. Deze data worden It is to be applied to service engagement and at de elevation of de dienstgranting and activiteiten of e.g. Lsma Hijs and lifting Techniek B.V.. If you have no Prijs more stelt on deze informations, kunt u zich for this to use Allen Tijde Afmelden door to maken from de afmeldlink in de nieuwsbrief or door, Dsma Hijs and lifting Techniek B.V. of this on de altitude and door one email and

Cookies ths. Cookies Zijn kleine Tekstbestanden the door one internet pagina on one PC, tablet or mobile phone worden geplate. Cookies worden Use to the De website of e.g. Lsma Hyjs and lifting Techniek B.V. better to load and have webbezoi to monitor and Analyseren. In the Deze way, can be the number of human and lifting. Check how much man and De website is in one particular period of time.  E.g. Lsma Hijs-and lifting Techniek B.V. analyseert deze data and can deze nulre to one PC or individual. Below you'll find one lijst of cookies the Geplatelet St worden door de Hsma Hijs-and lifting Techniek B.V. website ( and Hun functionality.

On de website of e.g. Lsma hyjs and lifting, E.G. Can be, Nauseexterne websites Weader Zen.  E.g. Lsma Hijs and lifting, e.g. can have no accountable dragen regarding use of YOURUSERNAME data door the organization and de content of deze websites.  E.g. Lsma hyjs and lifting, E.G. Board, to Lezen, has Privacy Statement of de regarding website.

You have Privacy Statement hebben, then kunt your contact recording with e.g. Lsma Hijs and lifting Techniek B.V. via or Telefonisch via 0513 – 481122.

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E.g. Lsma Hijs and lifting Techniek B.V. Behoudt Zich at all tijden have been recht to Wijzigingen Brengen in this Privacy Statement.

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