A concept in the hoisting and lifting techniques

Throughout its existence, Bijlsma has helped many customers to solve lifting and hoisting issues. As a result, Bijlsma has become a household name when it comes to independent advice, the supply of a wide range of hoisting and lifting systems, service, maintenance, certification and inspections.
Given the current market conditions, where, for example, smarter, cheaper production and more attention is paid to sustainability, we are convinced that our strategy can help many companies in the future.

That's why we go to work

Independent advice and assistance in the field of lifting equipment with safety and quality as core values.

With its knowledge, Bijlsma wants to continue to help companies with smart solutions in the field of lifting and hoisting equipment and to be as independent as possible in this area. In addition, Bijlsma wants to reduce a great deal of the burden on the customer, which increases the efficiency of the customer's work. We do this by further professionalising the organisation, as a result of which customer-oriented service and communication is continuously improved.

Related to mission and vision

"We are a dynamic company that is constantly evolving, but the important thing is that everyone should be able to work safely, both our employees and our customers."

Jelle de Jong


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