Our engineers will be happy to think along with you.

When a standard lifting or lifting device is not sufficient for a situation, a tailor-made solution can always be sought. For this we have our own engineering department. Our Electrotechnical engineers develop and program the components for the control and operation of the installation. Electric diagrams are drawn using "SEE electrical" and automatic hoisting systems are programmed in the "TIA Portal".

In addition to supporting the physical realization of the installations, our engineers provide detailed user instructions, regulations and maintenance schedules for you.  So that you are exactly aware of the installation that is custom built for you.

The mechanical engineers ensure that the hoisting equipment is not only used productively, but also safely. All in accordance with the latest standards. They use the latest techniques in the field of drawing and calculation software.

Automated installations can be built up in our own halls. This allows our engineers to pre-programme and test in detail. In this way, we can deliver the installation to you ready to use.

Our many years of expertise have ensured that we work in a diversity of industries and business situations. We like to think along with you in the development of custom installations and fully automated hoisting and lifting installations within your sector.

Our engineers are ready for you!

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Martin de Veen

Martin de Veen

Electric Engineer

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