From small and Wild west to Professional and protocol

In 2014, it has been 30 years since Peet Bijlsma started working as an entrepreneur. From his former home town of Hommerts he started as an independent service engineer in the crane business. He couldn’t have known that this initiative would result in the flourishing company that is Bijlsma Hijs- en Heftechniek.

“In that respect, expectations have been far exceeded. I'm proud of that," says Peet, who withdrew from the company in 2008. Earlier, in 2006, he transferred his share to the directors Arjan Rijpkema and Jelle de Jong, who had been co-shareholders since 2000.
Compared to now, the early years were a wild west. A time in which Peet turned out to be a highly driven cowboy who was able to get a lot of customers. Health and safety regulations barely existed , there were hardly any rules and working safely was not an issue yet. Times have changed, and that is a good thing.

Legislation and regulations
“We responded in a timely manner to developments in the market and in the field of responsible working”, says Arjan Rijpkema.Analyzes Arjan Rijpkema.
“Since 1995, legislation and regulations have increased considerably and we have responded to this. We have professionalised our organisation and we have started to do all kinds of different things. Not only the development and engineering of concepts and the construction of cranes, but also refit, maintenance and service. And further the inspection of all hoisting equipment above and below the hook. We certify, we provide information and we train people by giving courses. Today, Bijlsma is a company with a very broad range of services. We distinguish ourselves in this respect in the market.

Jelle de Jong adds that Bijlsma is reaping the benefits of this broad approach: “This total package enables us to create synergy. Once we have visited a customer, we can combine jobs. This is also the reason why we maintain a long-term relationship with many customers. We can serve them in the best way possible.”


Growing number of employees
This explains the growth and flourishing of the company. Four years after it was founded, Peet Bijlsma moved his business to the Transportwei in Joure. The company was able to spread its wings there because of its greater space and strategic location. In 1997, a second building was acquired near the Handelswei, where new buildings and renovations are taking place. The number of employees has grown to 60 in 30 years.

Peet Bijlsma has since entrusted the company to Jelle de Jong and Arjan Rijpkema. In 2015, the gentlemen decided to house all departments together in a partially new building. Early in 2016, they moved into a beautiful complex at De Wielen 1 in Joure. How much Bijlsma Hijs- en Heftechniek has developed and acquired an important position in the world of hoisting and lifting technology is evident from the projects described on this website.


Editorial piece Frisian Journal May 2016

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"We are a dynamic company that is constantly evolving, but the important thing is that everyone should be able to work safely, both our employees and our customers."

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