' Heavy boy ' placed at firma IJselmeer Beton Lemmer

Recently, the company has delivered a portal crane to the firm IJsselmeer in Lemmer. The portal crane has a span of 40 meters and is equipped with 2 cats that can hoist 20 tonnes each. Because the crane is relatively large in size, such cranes are always provided with a number of options for the safety of the bag. The crane is equipped with a number of functionalities including:

√ The crane is equipped with full PCL controls within the network of Profinet. Profinet is an industrial Ethernet in which the PLCs of the crane communicate with each other. Because this wireless communication is applied, it saves a lot of cabling on the crane. By using an integrated diagnostic model, fail safe communication and wireless IWLAN communication, accessibility and security are ensured.

√ A gantry crane if it is allowed to operate at an average wind force of 13.3 m/s. If the wind force is too high the wind power meter signals this and the crane, after issuing a signal, will be out of action and the owner receives an SMS message.

√ The crane is equipped with fully load/part load functionality. This means that the crane has different lifting speeds at a load, than at part load. In this way, light products can work faster and more efficiently.

√ The crane makes use of 3d object detection when driving. This is an extra security to avoid than the faucet causing a collision with other objects.

√ The crane can be monitored by using remote acces. By reading a whole range of parameters, disturbances can be quickly resolved and analysed and maintenance can be planned more accurately. This is because there is a number of movements made by crucial parts. With the help of wear models partially corrective maintenance can be avoided.

√ Durability is a great good within the bag, so more and more regenerative variable speed drives are being worked on. These arouse power during the braking of the crane and give that back to the grid. The crane therefore receives a higher energy label. This does not require extra brake resistors and saves maintenance costs.

√ Because the products hoisted with the crane are often piled up, the accessibility of the load in and out is not easy and risky. This is why the crane is equipped with a manbak that goes with the hooks. From this manbak, the operator can safely secure the hook-in and out.

The time does not stand still and therefore the developments of useful techniques are not. It keeps a close eye on this, developed itself and can fit, these techniques. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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