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This year the flow and influx of pupils in schools is greater than expected. For this reason, from now on, the government will put extra money into education every year. Schools that receive this money are asked to devote this to stimulating exact and technical subjects. This of course is only logical for the bag.

In recent years, this has often contributed to the demand of schools to make pupils enthusiastic about the technique. This from a presentation on safety up to a workshop in the workplace. Below are a few examples of what Baheti may have meant for education.


As part of their training, engineering students from the ROC Frisian Poort Sneek have their VCA certificate. Just like last month, the new students come along with a bag for a tour and a presentation on safety during hoisting and lifting each year.


During the open day of the Keicollege in November 2018, Bagnall was at the entrance of the school in Heerenveen. All pupils and their parents were given the opportunity to take a look at our bank-equipped service buses. They were given a demo of the operation and application of a measuring cell.


As part of the "profession Party" with the name On Stage, pupils of the SECONDARY school will take a look at the workshop of the bag every year. Here, under the guidance of our mechanic Richard Kaikai, the pupils experience how it is to work on real lifting chains.


Primary school De Epemaskoalle from Ysbrechtum came along in July 2017 for a presentation on the construction and use of cranes. In addition to this presentation, a tour of the workshop and an exciting contest, the pupils were allowed to control a real crane under the supervision of Bart de Jong and Ulco Salimu.


In addition to these presentations, guided tours, workshops and experiences, Bagnall offers several internships at MBO and HBO level. These students will have the opportunity to develop within a technical organisation, whether it is at the office or in the workplace.

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