Unique V-Cranes for JD engineers

Recently the new premises of JD engineers, 2 new 10-tonne DEMAG-lattice overhead cranes were mounted.

This happened with the help of Faber & Zn joure. The cranes could be lifted on the frame by means of the special trailer of Faber. With some steering art it was possible to drive the truck to the hall, after which the crane could easily be placed in position. The hall, at the time of delivery still in the scaffolding, will be used for the assembly of a wide range of machines for the packaging industry.

The handling of these specialist machines requires precision and accuracy. With its unique design, this V-crane lays the foundations for a new generation of crane girders. Higher throughput capacity and higher safety during operation makes working pieces more efficient.

Thanks to its trillingsarm design with tapered membrane connections, the new girder concept is precise, flexible and of high quality. The revolutionary design ensures accurate, sensitive and therefore faster positioning of fragile cargo. A ' dancing ' load hangs much faster. In addition, the girder 2.5 x can be as much as the last change so that the lifespan is much longer. Cranes with a V-girder are also quieter and cause less light shade.

  • More precision by less vibration.
  • More quality due to less load.
  • More flexibility by less own weight.

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