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Today's technology is constantly evolving, which makes flexibility and modernization among service technicians very important. The latest developments which are used on new installations made by Bijlsma Hijs- en Heftechniek are incorporated in the training program. This makes it possible to make adjustments to the various components. Because the entire setup is modular, adjustments or additions can easily be realized. The test setup simulates the operation of a real overhead crane. The test setup consists of 2 cabinets. The first one represents the "main control cabinet" and the other the trolley with its controls.

The training consists of three levels, each requiring a deepening of knowledge. The first level delves into the "human machine interfaces", i.e. the Siemens HMI. One can easily log in to this HMI by means of cleverly placed QR codes. This gives the service engineer the opportunity to determine what type of malfunction he or she is dealing with, without having to climb the crane. Level one also delves into the basic steps that can be taken to detect and locate faulty parts.

Level two delves into the analysis and reading of log files. In case of a failure, data will be stored in these files. Reading these files will make identifying the problem a lot easier. An advantage is that these files can be read from a large distance by means of a VPN. This connection can also be established by means of a QR-code.

The third and final level will train the service engineer in using the Totally Integrated Automation Portal, or TIA portal. By logging in to this engineering software, the technician can analyze and test all programs.

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Ulco Stoffelsma
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