Spectacular training for fire fighters Joure

Firefighter Joure at Bijlsma

On Monday evening, July 17, a spectacular exercise took place of firefighters joure in and around the building of Bijlsma hoisting and rigging designer.
As almost every year this exercise is turned off by the old firefighters of joure.

Fire broke out in the building and a person was trapped under a forklift. Because of the enormous smoke development, a number of people could not find the exit and were guided by firefighters.



Fire broke out!

An employee of the bag had a cutting burner set with acetylene to bring out, but had fallen outdoors and got trapped underneath the set.
The acetylene bottle had become too hot and had to be cooled.

To make matters worse, a lifting beam on a number of people ended up in a neighbouring shed.

For the men of firefighters joure enough to do! They also brought all the necessary material to the company premises.

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