Accession to de Dutch COFFIN group

Wij zijn lofty ugd u to art and the fact that e.g. Lsma Hijs and lifting Techniek Joure B.V. and e.g., and leverage Projecten B.V. recent zijn assigned to de Dutch COFFIN group (Crane and Industry Service) the part of the portion of the COFFIN Noorwegen. With 29 vesting and spacious 260 collaborators, Kish Marktcoffin is in inspecties and maintenance of cranes and Hyjsmidfien Noorwegen. Samen with DOCHTERBEDRIJF Bergen Hydraulic and Partners Demanor and Norsk Kranpartner, Levert zij complete solution before Hyjsdemand stuppings and cargo handling.

De Alsma group Zal samen with de firm Primoteq de Dutch organization of COFFIN Vormen and from the capacity to build her activiteiten further. E.g. Lsma and Primoteq blijven zelfstandige bedrijven in de Group and Behouden Hun GVW identity. De Dutch COFFIN group Momenteel out 5 vesting and with ample 160 collaborators and zall further Worden, to one complete long-rise coverage.



It also has the name and maintenance of the name and the interview to the CNC and laser cultivation of the service and to the process. A highly-worthy knowledge and science is required to have a single one-term linkages and to the development of Unze Vision on predictive maintenance (anticiend maintenance).

With much trust win Kijken Wij from Nausede Nieuwe samenwork between all specialisten. Has extensive network and great amount of knowledge zullen in de further improvement of Onze diensten and Producten.

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