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Recently, the new customer portal of Bijlsma has been put online.

The customer portal is an online inspection registration system. The results of the inspections and new deliveries are recorded digitally in the inspection report available on the customer portal.
Thanks to new techniques and experience, the portal has now been improved in many ways..

This new online system has a lot of features. You have several searching options, for example: customer specific usage numbers, name of employee, type of tool or inspection status.

All of these features allow you to create various selections, so you can see the status per object.
In addition, it is possible to request several summary lists, including: overview by location, summary of approved items, overview of disapproved items, overview not found.

The portal is used for the registration of: hoisting equipment, fall protection, hoisting installations, fire extinguishers and first aid equipment.

Further improvements to the new portal:

  • The style of the customer portal is quieter and more aligned with our branding.'
  • The underlying technique has been upgraded
  • The search features are improved, you can now enter a search term per ' column ' and also search in multiple columns at once
  • Additional columns: Location and registration number
  • The 3 date columns have been merged into a single date column ' Next inspection/verification '. This allows you to understand at a glance what the next action date is
  • The Status column has been extended in regard the cranes and hoists, not only that an installation is "disapproved" in case risk class 4 applies, but if risk class 2 or 3 is the highest class completed, then it is calculated within how many days the related item needs to be repaired "repair <... days "or if these days have elapsed, the status "repair too late" will appear.
  • You can sort the object data on each column
  • A grouping function is added that allows you to group on any column
  • The term "brand" has expired and "Model" has been replaced by the column "Type"

Our customers have been using the portal for several weeks now, are you interested in the customer portal for your company? Please contact us, we would be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

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