For Mammoet, the company has recently supplied a 50T auxiliary winch for lifting loads, where gravity correction is required.
For example, the auxiliary winch is used for lifting operations where the object to be hoisted cannot be directly balanced with one TELETAP.

Often a second crane is needed for such a lifting operation, where the load is ' overpacked ' halfway through.
The latter is no longer necessary with the use of the auxiliary winch.
The auxiliary winch is hung in the hook of the TELETAP and replaces one piece of steel cable/two jump.
Because the mounting length of the winch is variable, the centre of gravity of the load can always be placed right under the subblock of the Teletap.

In this way, the load is always balanced and can be more controlled and thus safer to be acted upon.
The trajectory of development and eventual implementation of the auxiliary winch is in close cooperation with Mammoet.

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