Year filing selection of De Overfetch

One of the Hyjsinstallation

One number of Wexloan Gelde-Hsma with Assistentie of PAX Integrated Logistics BV has been selected.

De Overpick, dating from 1923-1924, Wordt gezien als One zasame example of one derfiled lifting work before Schepen. This e.g. Civiele Techniek Bevindt Zich in the bottom of the game and is equipped with, among others, one Electrisch and hyjsinstallation. In 1993, De overquotes are fully rearranged and again working. Sinds 2006 Wordt overquote alone before Recreatieve striker.

De Overpick is no unknown before e.g. In 2014, Door Hsma Hijs-and lifting Techniek Projecten E.G. De hijsinstallation tie are arranged and reviewed. Sindsis wordt door e.g., and lifting technii, for EXAMPLE, VERZORGD.





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