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Sustainable energy is currently a key word in the world. In various ways, techniques are devised for generating "green" energy. This includes the supply of crane motors and variable speed drives that are regenerative. In addition, Baheti is a supplier for companies that are involved in producing and building wind turbines.

Wind energy is currently very important in our society. Despite all the different opinions on this subject, many companies are busy in this industry. That was also well seen on the stock exchange Offshore Energy of last month. Together with Lach wind, the bag has developed a special equator for the installation of blades on Wind turbines. The equator can correct itself, by means of a winch system, and move its lifting point. The 10 ton equator is equipped with a hook that can be automatically disconnected remotely by the crane operator.

The total length of the equator is 19 meters. The equator consists of 7 parts which can be dismantled, making transport easy.

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