Introduce yourself

I am Jelle Jelsma and come from Sint Nicolaasga. I am a student of HBO mechanical engineering at the NHL Hogeschool in Leeuwarden. At the moment I am graduating from the rigging designer. The Graduation project I do in the Projects department is about standardizing and developing lifting yokes.

The assignment consists of two parts, a standardization part and a development part. When standardizing I am trying to set up a series of lifting yokes that are sold a lot. The reason for the standardization is that cheaper a lifting beam can be offered to the customer. With the development Part I am trying to invent a way to turn large crane beams around their shaft, this must be done so that the jib can be properly welded during the welding process.

For me, the bag is a nice and fun company to close my school period. The atmosphere within the company is pleasant and everyone is willing to help me with my assignment and that gives a good feeling.

There is always something moving at Bijlsma

"We are a dynamic company that is constantly evolving, but the important thing is that everyone should be able to work safely, both our employees and our customers."

Jelle de Jong


0513 48 11 22

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