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I am a Dutch engineer and I am currently working on my graduation project for the mechanical Engineering HBO programme at the NHL Hogeschool in Leeuwarden. I run this graduation project for and with a bag of rigging designer. As a job I am working on the Service department in the redesigning of a pulling bench.

The redesign of the tensile bank will result in more products being tested. Due to the positioning and construction of the towing bench at present, large products with large dimensions cannot be tested. By adjusting the positioning and construction the larger dimensions can be tested. The challenge of this project is therefore to deliver multiple concepts for which drawings are made, calculations are carried out and choices must be justified.

For me, Baheti is a good company to carry out my graduation project. The company is very open, so you can quickly approach people with questions and there is always willingness to help. The work atmosphere is also pleasant and the coffee is fine to do.

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"We are a dynamic company that is constantly evolving, but the important thing is that everyone should be able to work safely, both our employees and our customers."

Jelle de Jong


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