Cabin installations for large truck manufacturer

Bijlsma Hijs- en heftechniek has been asked to build 5 cabin handling operations for one of the world's largest truck manufacturers. The installation picks up the cabs and puts them on the chassis where the assembly takes place.

The whole process is one production line, which means that the uptime of the installation must be very high. After all, if the installation does not work, the production line comes to a stop. There were many critical points within the project where Bijlsma had to come up with solutions.
The most special of this installation is that people work under the burden. Rule 1 in the lifting and lifting world is that you can never work under the burden! This was therefore a challenge within the project. This is why the so-called ' fail safe technology ' plays an important role here. Fail safe means that when a system fails, there is no dangerous situation. In practice, this means that a lot is carried out in a redundant way. Both Besturingstechnisch and mechanical. Take for example the winch work that is equipped with extra protections of the brakes and extra-thick lifting cables that are double-run. If the one snappes the cab in the other cable hangs. For our engineers The challenge was: imagine a lifting cable, how do you make sure that the cab does not sink a little bit before the other cable catches it.

Another important item was that the installation with the CAB supply line and the production line must communicate. Again, the uptime of this communication must be very high. This communication is done wirelessly. For this, the ' Air Coax ' system has been selected by the Baheti. This system is wireless but very concentrated. Influences from outside are not there, which can occur for example with a router.

Because the installation consists of many moving parts, which are controlled by motors and linear actuators, the control was a point that took a lot of time and energy. In addition, the people on the line should also be trained because the impact on the working procedures became very large.

All in all, the first 2 installations have been successfully assembled and installed in a foreign country. This is why we look back with due pride. Now the three installations are in the Netherlands, which we face with great confidence.

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