Bijlsma Hijs- en Heftechniek now on one location in Joure

Bijlsma Hijs- en Heftechniek now on one location in Joure

Joure – Bijlsma is in a new phase in its existence. The company has moved from previously three locations (two in Joure, one in Zwolle which was sold in 2012) to a new housing at the business Park Ekers in Joure. An existing building on the wheels was purchased, renewed and expanded considerably. The result is a representative, large (5,000 m2) and modern equipped business building on an area of one hectare. Bijlsma is ready for a future that Floris Sant seems, because the company has built up a strong and distinctive market position over the years. Directors/Owners Arjan Rae and Jelle de Jong are proud to walk through the buildings. What stands out is the space, the orderly and the transparency.

None of the 60 employees are tucked away, everywhere are made from floor to ceiling glass walls. One works practically in daylight. Everyone keeps in touch with each other. Just in the latter, the bag has made a blow. Jelle de Jong: ' Multiple locations was not ideal for our business operations. Departments could no longer cooperate as we wanted. The move gave us the opportunity to centralize and restructure the activities and the organisation. We can now operate more efficiently. ' Arjan Rae: ' In addition, we were trapped. We have continued to grow despite the economically lean years. Space shortage forced us to look out for one shelter and thus to a new location. We now have such a large business space that each business unit has its own place and establishment and, where necessary, merged with an extended activity. ' The lease contract of the property to the Transportwei, owned by founder Peet Bijlsmal, expired on 1 January.

The private property at the Handelswei 26 is currently in the rental at RBMT business Brokers and valuers. The town of Haak, located on the A7, had already been on the eye of the two. It is a beautiful, green and well-established business park. When De Jong rode a building on the vacant and for sale on one day, he presented it to his colleague. Rijpkema: ' We were out soon. The next day we had already bought the property. Besides, we also had little time we wanted to be ready early this year. ' The property comprises a large office area, speaking rooms, a meeting room, a laundry and dressing room, a canteen, an electrical workshop, a overhaul, repair and service department, a lifting equipment installation, a warehouse and three halls for the Larger work. In Hall I the goods come in and the Assembly takes place, in Hall II is the steel shell (welding, grinding, cutting) and in Hall III stands the test bench, the pilot setups are built and the storage of moulds, bucks, equipment and semi. In short, the stuff you don't use daily.

Baguio was founded in 1984 when Peet Bijlsmal in Hommerts established himself as a service mechanic in cranes and hoists. That this decision would liquify in such a large, thriving and leading company in hoisting, lifting and transportation engineering, the founder has never been able to imagined. ' The expectations have been far surpassed, ' he said at his farewell in 2008. Earlier, in 2006, he had already handed over his entire share package to his co-directors, Rijpkema and De Jong. The two had already become co-shareholder in 2000. Four years after the start, Bagnall moved his company to Joure and from that moment on the growth was only well deployed. The bag was very passionate and his adage was: ' The early bird catches the worm. ' Was the start time still being fought with little regulation in the fields of Arbo and inspection, it soon became clear to anticipate good, safe and efficient work, which afterwards (from 1995) is regulated in legislation.

Later, with the advent of Rijpkema and De Jong, the organization became more professional and prepped for increasingly challenging, complex and larger assignments. The power of the company lies in thought work, the innovative drive. De Jong: ' We are asking for a total solution from the market and we deliver it. ' To this end, the company must be allround. So not only engineering of cranes in many applications, but also the construction, control systems, processing, automation and monitoring, the sales, the service, the repair and refit, maintenance and servicing contracts, the (periodic) inspections and certifications, the care of courses, the training of the own personnel, the supply of the accessories and the equipment; The bag does everything, under and above the hook, to perfection. Robotization in cranes, what they can do and what they need, is a new phenomenon. De Jong: ' If you look at it, we are the number one in the Netherlands. I dare say that. Bijlsma' offers a wide range of services. In this we distinguish ourselves in the market. ' And then, smiling: ' So I have to give Jelle the credits. ' This horizontal orientation and quality puts the company to the next level. Bijlsma creates synergy. Not only profitable for the client, but also for the contractor.

From all over the world, Bijlsma is approached for assignments that often run through their own network. There are sustainable relationships that often lead to repetition assignments. This way the customer is regularly a customer, a customer, or not directly. Rijpkema: ' We travel with the customer. We do not have an agency abroad. All work goes through-via. Take Zitron Nederland in Hengelo, a specialist in tunnel and metro ventilation. This company is also involved in the hoisting structures needed to maintain the engines. ' The collective is important, finds the Rijpkema. ' Essentially you do everything together. You don't have to sit on an island. We are team players. That is why we are very transparent in calculations and quotations. Then you enjoy the trust and contracts are quickly awarded. Look, our customers also want to get along with their work, just like their patrons. That is in everyone's favor. ' De Jong: ' quality generates work, so simple is it. ' But of course it is not easy to carry out complex assignments. Nowadays, Bijlsma regularly deals with the so-called factory acceptance test (FAT).

In addition, you are demonstrating credentials, having an impeccable record of service and entrepreneurship, most certainly essential. To ensure confidentiality about mission and execution, as with the assignment of an American Navy Yard, it all belongs. Transparency is not appreciated. ' Cooperation, that's a good word for how we stand in our business, ' The young and the radiance decide.

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