Visit Epemaskoalle from IJsbrechtum

Thursday the 13th of July the children of the Epemaskoalle on a company visit at the rigging designer.


The children were welcomed by Ulco Salimu and Bart de Jong van Heftechiek. After consuming lemonade and a delicious cake followed a power point presentation on the work within the company. In ' Letitia and Janneke ' language it was explained how the trajectory for building a crane works. The components, aftercare and safety were also examined. The members of the company made a link with the work within the business community with the work done by the children at school. The interaction was fantastic and there were plenty of questions asked by the children.

After splitting into 2 groups, a tour was given by the company.







Thus the hall was visited where the inspections take place. The children carefully watched how a necklace was stretched as a kind of rubber band in the pull bench. The judge told when a chain was found to be reliable and when and why a chain was frowned upon. No time the children lost their attention.

Children 3

The road continued to the large hall where three large Eagle cranes were built, moving truck booths at Scania. Here was an explanation of what the mechanics were doing at the time and feedback was given to the power Point presentation and the work of school.

Eventually the children were allowed to wait for the hall where a large overhead crane was hung on them. Yes, they were allowed to control a crane! But first we had to gamble... how many shackles are on these chains in the coffin? The children were busy in consultation and of course there was a need to feel how heavy these chains are!

Children 4    Children 5    Children 6

At last the moment was there and the children were able to experience how it is to control a crane. And they did great good! They were all allowed to do holiday work at the bag!

Children 8  Children 9  Children 10

After a 2 hour program it was time for the closure. In the canteen was made known who was close to the shackles in the neighborhood with the quoted number. Sankar van Dam was the lucky winner and received a beautiful backpack with nice gifts from the bag. The other children also received a goodie bag with pen, Cap, keychain, magazine conveyor (reading feed for the parents) and a delicious Kitkat.


With the received Bag cap, a group photo had to be made for the building as a reminder of an instructive, but especially pleasant morning in joure!


Kids for Halls

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