30th anniversary of the rigging designer

As part of the 30 year anniversary, a public holiday was held in May for the employees of the Bijlsma hoisting and rigging designer.

Around the clock of ten was embarked in Harlingen aboard the authentic Zeesleepboot Holland. After enjoying coffee with fresh sugar bread, the bunches were thrown loose to set course towards Vlieland.
During the trip there was the opportunity for a tour of the engine room and the cabins.

After lunch, the anchor was thrown off the coast of Vlieland to be put ashore by fast Ribs. Here the Vliehors Expres was ready for a tour of the Vliehors and a visit to the Juttershut.
The weather was beautiful, the view over the Vliehors phenomenal!
After the Vliehors experience there was the opportunity to enter the village, admire the lighthouse or enjoy the sun in a duinpan.

At five o'clock the Ribs were ready to bring everyone in spectacular way through the turbulent waves of the North Sea again safely aboard Zeesleepboot Holland. followed by a warm welcome aboard with a Juttertje and salt herring.

During the retreat one could enjoy a drink and extended Captains Dinner.

At eight o'clock the port of Harlingen came in sight. It was a wonderfully beautiful and pleasant day, which will be long overdue.

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