A better environment

The environment and society are inextricably linked. At Bijlsma Hijs- en Heftechniek B.V., we work as responsibly as possible to limit damage to people and the environment.

This is how we do that:

  • Digitizing of various work processes
  • Waste reduction and separate waste streams
  • Service mechanics and inspectors work with a PDA
  • Presence Detection Lighting
  • Ecological greenery and terrain management
  • Duplex printing, colour print blocked by user code
  • Purchase of cars with Euro 5 engine or higher
  • Use of environmental barometer
  • Planning sun-energy possibilities on our company premises
  • The above measures should lead to more efficient and environmentally-aware work and, where possible, to further reduce human and environmental taxation. In the case of bag hoisting and rigging designer B.V., the environment is consistently taken into account in investment decisions.

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