Legislation & Save working period (SWP)

When should your hoist be fully overhauled or when should the hoist be replaced?

That is an interesting question, all hoists in Europe should be designed and produced under the law under the EC Machinery Directive, which includes the obligation to eliminate special hazards in the use of machinery. 
One of the safety aspects that should not be overlooked is the life span of a crane or a hoist. Think of metal fatigue and its cracks in eg. Rotating parts such as (tooth) wheels. A usable life span of 10 years is observed in the design of hoists. Hoists are divided into usage classes, this is done by means of a FEM designation.

The FEM 9,755 is a standard that describes the measures to be taken in the design to achieve the intended lifespan with a motor-powered hoist. In other words, if a hoist is used in the way the manufacturer had envisioned the design, the hoist should have a life span of 10 years. A hoist uses a part of its lifespan, also known as a Safe Working period (SWP), for every lifting movement. If the service life has elapsed, a complete overhaul according to manufacturers ' specifications is required to ensure further safe deployment.

In practice, a hoist will often be used differently than the FEM group describes. For example, a hoist can make more or less lifting movements than estimated, or the average load is higher or lower than expected. For example, changes in shifts or changes in product or process. For this reason, it is important to test regularly on the basis of practice how it is made with the residual life of the hoist. Perhaps the hoist ' light ' is used and a revision can be postponed. Or is a hoist just ' heavy ' used and the life span for example has been consumed after 7 years.

What does this mean for you?

The owner is legally responsible for the correct registration and documentation of these data. 
On the website Www.ekh.nl/wet-en-regelgeving/bedrijfsaansprakelijkheid You will find under the heading ' Employer must take measures ' the link of a handy tool to calculate the SWP of your hoists. We can also take care of these calculations for you.

In the coming year, our Keur Masters will inform you about the residual life and the necessary overhaul during the inspection. At cranes over the age of 9, our Keur Masters will indicate on the inspection report that a residual lifetime calculation should be performed. In 2017, these calculations should actually be carried out so that our judge can assess whether a General overhaul or replacement is actually needed.

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