When it comes to lifting and rigging designer, you can't have everything in your house. We can do that. That is our right to stand. In order to be able to serve you optimally in any situation, we offer you a comprehensive rental program. Below you will find an overview.


Stuff you can rent from?

b P
Beam clamps Pallet hook
C Pallet truck
Container personnel tripod & accessories
D personnel tripod & accessories
Daklier Plates Clamps
Digital Test Clock Pneumatic accessories
Rack Pneumatic lifting
Tripod Pneumatic chain winch
Pushtrolley Pneumatic winches
E Pneumatic lift
Electrical Accessories Gantry cranes
Electric chain hoist R
Electric winches Ratchet Hoist
H Machine skates plastic wheels
Hand winches Trolleys Steel Coils
Hand hoists S
Lifting magnets Closures
Forklift attachment Spreaders / hoist valves
Hoisting belts Steel wire plugs
Hoisting claw Steel cable blocks
Lifting Sling Scaffolding winch
Hydraulic Accessories T
hydraulic machine lifters Tirak
Hydraulic toe jacks Tirfor ® Hoist
Hydraulic Jacks Tirsafe & Fall arrester
Material lift Fall protection
Chain sling (Chain length & 2/3/4-jump) Plate clambs
Ladders Water bags
Push trolley Work cages
M Workfloor crane
Minifor hoist

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Ulco Stoffelsma

Sales Department

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