Maintenance and fault analyses

' Prevention is better than cure ', we believe in it.

We therefore believe that one compulsory inspection per year is actually too little. Especially for cranes that are continuously in operation. That is why our investment in structured maintenance is important. And now the results are a fact. Fewer failures, causing less downtime and no unforeseen costs. Preservation of installations and thus even more operational security.
And that's what we all like, right?

Only, however, is only, so therefore our mechanics do it together. Together with you. Our mechanics make SWP calculations, read out cranes remotely, give instructions, make breakdown analyses and ensure good stock management.

But the ultimate ' clue ' is to think through and give advice. The core of everything. And you benefit from this. And because the time is not standing still and we do not want it, behind the scenes we are working various developments. For example, developing a virtual reality glasses. This makes it possible, among other things, to provide support on location or remotely for maintenance and breakdown analysis. By developing, going along with the time and movement. We love that.

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Martin de Veen

Martin de Veen

Electric Engineer

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