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On Hef and hoisting technology the specialist in:



Engineering, inspection and maintenance of portal and overhead cranes are jobs for an expert. Rely on expert, customized work.



Efficiency and reliability are key factors for your company. The safety of your people operating your hoisting equipment is paramount!



Are you not sufficiently aware of all the standards concerning lifting and lifting equipment? Testing, approval and certification is one of our specialisations! We will gladly tell you all about it.

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Hoisting cranes for any lifting or lifting problem. It is important that you can rely on your lifting equipment. That the most clever and best lifting solution is found for your organisation. In the indoor or outdoor area, efficiency, reliability and safety deserve proportional attention when working with hoisting cranes.

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Reliable hoists are indispensable for lifting and hoisting operations. Our specialists will give you the best advice on optimal efficiency and safety in the application of hoisting techniques and hoists to be used. Focused on your specific business situation and lifting processes.

√ Wide range of quality hoists
√ Practical advice for more efficiency and safety
√ Periodic inspections, testing and certifications
√ Maintenance and replacement services, 24/7

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Climbing materials

For each specific climbing situation, the rigging designer has a ladder, scaffold or staircase. We also offer the possibility to compose your product yourself.

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Hoisting tools

You will find with us a wide program standard Hoisting tools with EKH inspection. If you have very specific wishes and requirements, we will fill them in to Measure. We also ensure that your hoisting and lifting equipment remain in top Condition.

With our Fixed and mobile test benches Are you sure of continuity and Security. We offer 24/7 maintenance, testing, repair, and certification services.

We have four fixed and two mobile test benches (30 to 150 tonnes), calibrated measuring equipment and certified service Specialists.

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Fall protection

Adequate safety procedures and safety equipment are literally of vital importance in lifting and other work. The designer offers a specialist assortment of intensively tested and certified products for fall. For lifting and hefprestaties without risks. It has a wide range of fall products, tailored to applied hoisting and heftechnieken. Gives independent and expert advice and has a lot of knowledge of experience with specific practice situations. Also, Bagnall has accurate solutions for annual inspection obligation according to EKH guidelines.

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Lifting beams

Bijlsma Hijs- en Heftechniek also manufactures lifting tools, for example lifting beams. A lifting beam can have different purposes. Round tubes or large containers are easier to lift with a lifting beam and associated cabling.

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